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Titanium Alloy Bar For Surgical Implants

1) Bone and Joint Replacement
2) Dental Implants
3) Surgical Instruments

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1.Wroungt titanium and titanium alloy bar for surgical implants





As a lightweight, tough and corrosion free metal, 

titanium is widely used in the medical area.

1) Bone and Joint Replacement

Titanium metal is widely used in bone and joint replacement. A large number of patients with arthritis require replacement knee and hip joins which require 

internal and external titanium fixation including bone plates, pins, screws, intramedullary nails and spinal fusion devices.

2) Dental Implants

Titanium implants are currently being used by the dental industry for restorative dental work. The replacement tooth is built onto titanium implants rooted into the jaw bone.

3) Surgical Instruments

Titanium is the perfect material for use in surgical instruments. The instruments are light-weight, can resist multiple sterilisations, free from corrosion and have a reflective surface for use in microsurgical operations.


5.Quality control:

a. We chose best quality titanium sponge for each order.
b. The turbine detector probes surface flaws above 3mm;
c. Ultrasonic flaw detection checks inner defects below 3mm;
d. Infrared detection apparatus measures the whole bar diameter from top to bottom.
e. We provide “Product Quality Certificate" and inspection reports with every order.
f. BaoTi Test Center Physical and Chemical Test Report for Consigned Text
Physics and Chemistry Inspection Center for Western Metal Materials Co,Ltd


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