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Automotive Titanium Nut

automotive titanium nut

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Automotive titanium  nut:

Whether the titanium screw can resist corrosion in the working environment medium is the chemical stability of the "passive oxide film" on the surface in the corrosive medium. For the neutral, oxidizing, weakly reducing medium environment, the "passive oxide film" itself It has good stability. For the reductive corrosive medium with high temperature or low PH value, in order to improve the stability of its "passivation oxide film", the corrosion inhibitor can be added to improve the "titanium" in the reducing medium. Corrosion resistance and surface hardness to meet the requirements of use. For the treatment of titanium screws, we have mastered a special treatment process after years of research.

Name: Titanium nut

Material: TA1, TA2, TC4

Product grade: Class A

Height: 10-20 (mm)

Model: pure titanium nut

Surface treatment: untreated

Thread size: 1.5-3.0

Standard number: DIN934

Packing: simple packaging

Material grade: TA2/GR2 pure titanium

Scope of application:

    Anodizing, chemical electrolysis, metallurgy, salt making, heat exchangers, industrial pipes, etc.

Type of nut:

   Hexagon nut, wing nut, flange nut, locknut, cap nut, thorn mother, potentiometer nut, weld nut, rivet nut, copper flower mother

Product advantages:

1, super corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance;

2. High strength and light weight;

3, large toughness, non-toxic and non-magnetic;

4, good heat transfer performance, low modulus of elasticity;

5, good inspiratory performance;

6, Arbitrary customization;

7, 20 years of manufacturing experience.

brand advantages:

1. Advanced production equipment guarantees product quality;

2, titanium nut varieties are rich in specifications;

3. Professional R&D and production custom team.

Supplementary notes:

      Due to its high cost performance, titanium screw can resist the corrosion of a variety of corrosive media. It can solve the corrosion problem that stainless steel, copper or aluminum materials are difficult to solve in civil corrosion-resistant industrial conveying pipelines. It has the advantages of safety, reliability and long service life. It is widely used in chlor-alkali industry, soda ash industry, smelting industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, basic organic acid and inorganic acid production, nitric acid industry, etc.

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