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Titanium Pipe Target

1. Good corrosion resistance
2. Good resistance to low temperature
3. High intensity
4. High thermal strength
5. Smooth surface without scaling layer, scaling coefficient greatly reduced.

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Titanium pipe target

Purity is one of the main performance indicators of the titanium pipe target, because the purity of the titanium pipe target has a great influence on the performance of the film. However, in practical applications, the purity requirements of the target are not the same. For example, with the rapid development of the microelectronics industry, the silicon wafer size has grown from 6”, 8” to 12”, and the wiring width has been reduced from 0.5um to 0.25um, 0.18um or even 0.13um, and the previous 99.995% target purity. It can meet the process requirements of 0.35umIC, while the preparation of 0.18um line requires 99.999% or even 99.9999% for target purity.


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