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Din 933 Titanium Fastners

DIN933 applies to hexagon bolts with thread diameters m1.6-m52, product grades A and B, all threaded. Grade A: d≤24mm and l≤10d or l≤150mm(according to smaller value).

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Din 933 titanium fastners

DIN933 applies to hexagon bolts with thread diameters m1.6-m52, product grades A and B, all threaded. Grade A: d≤24mm and l≤10d or l≤150mm(according to smaller value). Grade B: d>24 mm or l>10d or 1>150 mm. (at smaller values). The values of opposite side s, diagonal e, thickness k and length tolerance are different for different product grades.

Actual supply scope: diameter of thread is m3-m64, length l can be up to 300mm, common carbon steel performance grade available for 8.8,10.9, d≤39mm refer to iso898-1. Stainless steel available for a2-50 / a2-70 / a4-70 / a4-80, d≤39mm refer to din267-11. Product specifications and performance will be subject to our actual supply, DIN933 hexagon bolt is the original import.

For surface treatment and thread tolerances: DIN933 hexagon bolts are available for metric (coarse teeth) and fine teeth in mm mm. The tolerance of DIN933 coarse thread is 6g, regarding coating, we can offer black cooking, electroplating (blue and white zinc, yellow color zinc), non-electrolytic zinc powder coating (GEO). The tolerance fit before coating is mainly 6g/6H, and the tolerance band fit after galvanizing can be changed to 6H / 6g. However, due to the influence of the surface coating thickness after coating, there may be some problems that cannot be matched when the through gauge of the corresponding tolerance is used to test the thread. At present, only nuts with matching specifications can be installed and tested.

Difference between ISO4017 and DIN933: DIN933 is German standard,ISO4017 is international standard, EN ISO 4014 is European standard. The dimensions of the two are different in M10, M12, M14, M22 and other outer hexagonal head opposite side s and diagonal e, and the size of ISO4017 is smaller than DIN933. There is little difference in other specifications. Among them, M10 and M12 are most commonly used. See the table below for details.

Din 933 Titanium Fastners are as follows:

ISO4017 M10/M12 specifications are as follows:

DIN933 can be used to replace ISO4017 if the design requirements of the product head size are not highly accurate. Please call for specific information.

On the mechanical properties testing: wan xi (tianjin) fasteners have formal laboratory testing system and strict quality control system, and equipped with advanced mechanical testing equipment and chemical testing equipment, product appearance inspection and check gauge for common necessary testing, at the same time according to actual condition can make the following the test items (specific accordance with the requirements of the order shall be subject to the conditions of laboratory testing or company)

→ tensile test: high strength carbon steel (class 8.8, 10.9, 12.9) and stainless steel bolts (strength 70, 80) can be tested by tensile test, provided the specification and length meet the requirements. Carbon steel: grade 8.8, no less than 800MPa/ 830mpa (greater than m16); 10.9 grade is no less than 1000 MPa; 12.9 grade is no less than 1200MPa. Stainless steel: 70 strength not less than 700 MPa; 80 strength is not less than 800Mpa.

→ impact test: impact test can be carried out on carbon steel products if the specification meets certain conditions.

→ hardness test: carbon steel products can be tested for surface hardness and core hardness.

→ torque test: small size products cannot be subjected to tensile test, but can be subjected to torque test.

→ wedge load: high strength carbon steel products can be tested for selective wedge load.

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