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What Are The Advantages Of Titanium Bars In Water Treatment?


1. Compared with copper alloy tubes, titanium bars are thinner with less pipe consumption;

2. Titanium bar has low thermal conductivity and good thermal conductivity;

3. The use of titanium alloy tube is more cost-effective. Titanium rods can contend with copper alloy tube, titanium low density, and wall thickness at the same time, the quality of the same length of titanium rods is only fifty percent of the copper alloy tube, when the wall thickness for copper alloy titanium alloy pipe, five percent of the same heat transfer area of the titanium alloy tube quality is only a quarter of the copper alloy tube, visible, titanium rods with competitive price.

4. Sea water is often mixed with sediment, Marine life, they in the end of the transfer pipe attached erosion copper alloy tube, copper alloy tube will be corroded by the sea, but baoji titanium rod will not appear this problem, especially in the sea to kill bacteria and inject oxygen, more need to use good corrosion resistant titanium bar.


The application of titanium bars in water treatment is a trend in the future.

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