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Has The Price Of Titanium Products Remained High?


1. Difficulties in mining and utilization

my country's ilmenite placers are extremely dispersed and have low resource concentration. After years of mining, large-scale and high-quality resources have been exhausted, and the current development is mostly based on civilian mining, which is difficult to form large-scale development and utilization. There are radioactive elements in some coastal titanium placers, and there is great pressure on mining and environmental protection.


2. Strong demand

As a new type of metal material, titanium is in great demand. The consumption of titanium is directly proportional to a country's comprehensive national strength and degree of development. As my country's comprehensive national strength continues to strengthen, the consumption of titanium also increases rapidly.

3. Lack of production capacity

Titanium is mainly used in aerospace, construction, marine, nuclear energy and electric power fields. In addition, titanium materials are also widely used in the fields of chemicals, sports, electronics, automobiles and medicine. At present, only a few industrialized countries can produce titanium in the world.

Fourth, processing difficulties

1. Titanium sponge is the raw material of titanium materials, titanium powder and other titanium components. It must be re-cast with an electric furnace to become a new type of structural material-titanium ingots. From sponge titanium to titanium ingots to titanium plates, dozens of processes are required. , Melting is not like steel, most of which need to be smelted more than twice, not only to control the melting rate, voltage and current, but also to control the composition. From the titanium ingot to the slab, it needs to be heated and forged with multiple fires. From the slab to the plate, it has to go through multiple processes such as heating, cold rolling and hot rolling, which are numerous and complicated, and it is naturally difficult to process.

2. Pure titanium is very soft and generally not suitable for use as titanium products, so other elements need to be added, such as titanium-64 commonly used in the aviation industry, and many other elements should be added to improve metal performance. However, at high temperatures, it reacts strongly with halogen, oxygen, sulfur, carbon, nitrogen and other elements, which will pollute titanium. Therefore, titanium must be smelted under vacuum or inert atmosphere.

3. Titanium is difficult to machine. If the speed is low, the titanium cannot be cut. If the speed is too hot, the titanium will oxidize, and ordinary machining centers cannot process titanium alloy products.

4. Titanium is a kind of active metal. The reason for corrosion resistance is that the surface passivation layer is much stronger than aluminum. In addition, titanium has extremely poor thermal conductivity, which makes it difficult to weld with other materials.

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