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Mainstream Application Fields And Future Application Directions Of Titanium Equipment(2)


Plate/frame heat exchanger

The main application of titanium still exists in heat transfer applications, where the cooling medium is seawater, brackish water or sewage, where corrosion resistance is necessary. The main industrial application of titanium still exists in heat transfer applications, where the cooling medium is seawater, brackish water or sewage.


Plate and frame heat exchangers are widely used in power plants, oil refineries, air conditioning systems, chemical plants, offshore platforms, surface ships and submarines.

The life and reliability of titanium in this application are well documented. The initial cost of titanium in this application is not only competitive at the time of installation, but over time, due to lower maintenance costs and lower life cycle costs.

The titanium coils and sheets consumed in this application are commercially pure grades and products and are easily available.


Power generation

Titanium is used in the power generation industry in turbine blade applications. In addition, titanium tubes are used on a large scale in condenser and auxiliary heat exchanger applications in power plants due to their corrosion resistance and unlimited service life.

The downtime of power plants is very expensive. It has admitted that 30% of power plant downtime is a direct result of steam turbine failure. Titanium is the solution in this failure situation. Facts have proved that the 6AL4V titanium turbine blades in key areas can improve the efficiency and life of low-pressure turbines, while reducing downtime and maintenance. The use of titanium helps reduce downtime and maintenance, thereby saving costs and improving operational efficiency.

In addition to blades, commercial pure titanium condensers and auxiliary heat exchanger pipes have been designed for power plant applications because of their infinite life and due to the corrosive properties of titanium. Titanium pipes can be specified without designing corrosion allowance. When calculating cost-benefit analysis, titanium is the material of choice for these power generation applications.



Corrosion resistance makes titanium the material of choice for the pulp and paper industry in drum washing machines, bleachers, and various pump and piping systems.

The pulp and paper industry provides perfect market opportunities for the application of titanium. The need for corrosion resistance, material reliability, and the ability to operate at higher temperatures is why titanium is the material of choice in the pulp and paper industry.

Titanium is specific and has become a standard material for bleaching equipment in pulp and paper mills, including heat exchangers, diffusers, drum washing machines, piping systems and pumps.

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