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Environmental Protection New Material-Titanium


With the rapid development of industry, large-scale production of materials is damaging the ecological environment. New materials with low pollution and degradable have become the new favorites of the industry. At this time, titanium entered our world and played a vital role in emerging environmental materials. 

A good helper in the treatment of environmental pollution-titanium dioxide

As a catalyst for light coating pigments, titanium dioxide is not only an environmentally friendly cleaning agent, but also can save energy and protect environmental resources.

Early Japan and Britain applied titanium dioxide to the paving stones of urban roads to clean the road air. Titanium dioxide can be mixed with asphalt to reduce pollutants in the air. When cars pass by, concrete or asphalt containing titanium dioxide can purify the air and eliminate 25% to 45% of nitrogen oxides in vehicle emissions. Industry experts said that titanium dioxide will make a great contribution to the purification of urban air and the construction of ecological cities.

Safe and environmentally friendly building material-titanium zinc plate

The environmental protection of titanium-zinc plate is embodied in several aspects such as naturalness, durability, recyclability and low energy consumption in production. The titanium-zinc plate can be 100% recycled by re-melting and will not decompose and emit harmful substances, so it does not pollute the environment. Other metals will be corroded or corroded when exposed to pollutants, and metal ions will be leaked, causing a series of Environmental issues.

In recent years, titanium-zinc plates have been widely used in the field of construction and show broad application prospects. Whether it is renovation or new construction, traditional or avant-garde design, titanium-zinc materials can meet the aesthetics and practicality of the building exterior. As roofing and curtain wall materials, 85% of the roofs in Paris, France use titanium-zinc materials, and titanium-zinc panels can be seen everywhere. Titanium-zinc panels have become a symbol of modern Paris.


The new favorite of the industrial industry-titanium steel composite board

With the rapid development of my country's power construction, the gradual improvement of national environmental protection standards and the enhancement of public environmental awareness, new thermal power plant projects have put forward higher requirements for flue gas desulfurization. The thin-clad titanium-steel composite plate [i] has the characteristics of good impermeability and airtightness, strong integrity, light weight, and high corrosion resistance. It provides new ideas and experience for the anti-corrosion design of power plant chimneys, and has achieved a huge economy benefit.


Titanium replaces traditional materials and gradually becomes an environmentally friendly new material. With the development of economy, the figure of titanium in our lives will become more and more common.

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