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Surface Treatment Of Titanium Building Materials During Welding


In the beginning of the use of titanium as a building material, people mainly consider the corrosion resistance of titanium, no requirements on its surface, that is, the surface of titanium has not been specially treated. With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, higher requirements have been put forward for the reflective and decorative properties of titanium building materials.


In order to reduce the reflectivity of titanium building materials and prevent glare, the surface of titanium is processed into a fine concave and convex shape. The following surface treatment processes are mainly used:

1. Smooth rolling method

In the last process of titanium rolling, concave and convex surface roller is used to treat titanium surface into concave and convex shape.

2. Pickling

Pickling is one of the main means of brightening the surface of titanium and its alloy building materials. Different proportions of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid are used to dissolve the surface of titanium, presenting a relatively white tone.

3. Compound method

The composite treatment process of "smooth rolling + pickling" is adopted to make the titanium surface show the inherent metallic color of titanium metal in white. In recent years, this process is mostly used in large buildings.

4. Sand blasting

With the help of high speed sand flow impacting the titanium surface, sand blasting treatment is carried out, which results in a very fine concave and convex surface with low gloss and gray tone.

The surface treatment of titanium building materials when welding, you really

5. Anodic oxidation coloring

In order to make the building appear gorgeous color, it is necessary to anodize the titanium surface. The color control of this surface is to use the anodic oxidation device, with DC or ALTERNATING current, according to the increase of voltage, the titanium surface successively appears gold, red purple, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, green, yellow and green, making the whole building more eye-catching and creative.

At present, the application of titanium in China's construction industry is still in the development stage, but China's coastline is long, the coastal city area is far more than Japan, the potential of titanium for construction is huge.

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