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What Are The Advantages Of Titanium Bar Filter Element For Filter Element?


Titanium bar filter element is made of high-purity titanium or titanium alloy irregular powder, which is mainly used for separation and filtration in petrochemical, liquid medicine manufacturing, water treatment and other industries. 

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Has the following advantages:

1. No particles fall off, no pollution to the liquid medicine, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

2. High temperature resistance (300℃ wet state), acid and alkali corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, suitable for various environments.

3. Low pressure difference, small footprint, large flow, 0.2 MPa can reach the maximum flow.

4. Good mechanical properties, press filter and suction filter, simple operation.

5. High mechanical strength, high precision, online regeneration, easy cleaning, long service life, more than 3 years of normal use.

6. Good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, and can be used in a large pH range.

7. Narrow pore size distribution and high separation efficiency.

8. Strong antimicrobial ability, does not interact with microorganisms, and can be used in bioengineering and medical fields.

It can be said that the titanium bar filter element has many advantages.

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