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China's Cemented Carbide Is Gradually Upgrading To High-Precision, High-End Products


From the perspective of the industrial chain, tungsten ore is coarsely crushed, gravity beneficiated, and beneficiated to obtain tungsten concentrate; then through alkaline pressure cooking, ion exchange, evaporative crystallization and other technologies, ammonium paratungstate crystals with high purity and complete crystal grains can be obtained; ammonium paratungstate Calcined to obtain yellow, blue, purple and other colored tungsten oxides; next, hydrogen reduction method can be used to prepare tungsten powder, and carbonization method to prepare tungsten carbide powder; finally, molding process and extrusion process are used to prepare cemented carbide.


According to statistics from the China Tungsten Industry Association, in 2018 China’s APT output was 120,000 tons (capacity 224,000 tons), tungsten powder output was 50,000 tons (capacity 80,000 tons), and ferro-tungsten output was 7,200 tons (capacity 30,000 tons). 50%, 40%, and 60% of the shares are concentrated in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, and there are 75 downstream cemented carbide manufacturers nationwide, mainly in Hunan (14) and Sichuan (11). The output of the two provinces accounted for 50% of the country. the above.

From the perspective of the entire industrial chain, China’s tungsten product companies present a "multiple, small, and scattered" distribution, with overcapacity in the low-end and middle-end industries being more serious, and the quality and price of deep-processed products are far from those of foreign countries. High-quality alloys still rely on foreign imports, and the structural contradiction that "production is mainly middle and low-end smelting, and exports are mainly junior and intermediate products" still exists.

From the customs data alone, there is a clear contrast between the import and export prices of cemented carbide products. The domestic export price is about one-tenth of the domestic import price. There is still a lot of room for the development of China's cemented carbide products.

The technical and product quality barriers of the industry come from the high standards and requirements of downstream processing on the powder morphology, particle size, chemical purity and other indicators of raw materials. From the perspective of the national tungsten industry development plan, China’s resource end will increase the utilization rate of minerals in the future, especially the scheelite smelting process that determines the cost control ability of enterprises; APT will focus on the development of new green smelting processes; research and development of high-quality tungsten carbide powder technology Change upgrade. Cemented carbide, as one of China's 12 iconic basic materials, will focus on the research and development and application of deep-processing products of tungsten alloys with special properties and high-end product markets.

At present, some tungsten products enterprises in China have introduced advanced technology and equipment, implemented technology absorption, transformation and independent research and development, and achieved localization in some key equipment such as spray drying and gas pressure sintering. In the future, with the continuous improvement of technology and equipment such as cemented carbide extrusion and gas pressure sintering, China's tungsten deep-processed products will gradually move towards high performance, high precision, and high value-added, and are expected to rank among the world's advanced tungsten industry.

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